Let me tell you a story – Part 8

Matthew 25:31-46

Let me tell you a story – Part 8

The Least of These…

I. A PARABLE or a VISION of the future? (v.31-46)
A. A DIFFERENT kind of COMING. (v.31)
B. A PROCESS the people UNDERSTOOD. (v.32-33)
C. The sheep INHERIT the KINGDOM. (v.34-36)
D. The goats RECEIVE their DESTRUCTION. (v.41-43)

II. What MAKES the DIFFERENCE. (v.37-40, 44-46)
A. The different TREATMENT of the LEAST. (v.40,45)
B. Jesus is EMBODIED in the LEAST. (v.35-36,40,42-43,45)

III. Who are the LEAST of THESE?
A. “These BROTHERS of MINE…” (v.40; Mt. 12:48-50)
B. “The LEAST of THESE…” (v.45; Acts 6:15-7:2; Acts 13:38)
C. The ANSWER is YES. (Jn 3:16)

IV. Some thoughts on INHERITING the KINGDOM. (v.34)
A. The KINGDOM is always a GIFT. (v. 34; Lk. 12:31-32)
B. It’s what HE knows, not what WE know. (v.37-38; Mt. 7:22-23)
C. An VERY important REALIZATION. (Jn 19:38; I Cor. 12:27)
D. We ENCOUNTER Jesus in OTHERS. (v.40,45)