Let me tell you a story – Part 3

Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43

Let me tell you a story – Part 3

Wheat, Weeds, and Waiting

I. The WORLD as we KNOW it.
A. The KINGDOM of HEAVEN is like… (v.24)
B. The FARMER and his ENEMY both sow seed… (v.24-25)
C. The CROPS grow TOGETHER… (v.26-30)
D. HARVEST time allows for SEPARATION. (v.30)
E. Jesus GIVES the INTERPRETATION. (v.36-43)

Matthew 13 is a long list of parables teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven. We’ll focus in on this one because it gives us an overarching idea that helps us to live out the Kingdom – at least for now…the world is full of good and evil. The weeds and the wheat grows together. The servants don’t like the idea, but the wisdom of the Master wins the day.

1. What has been your understanding of this parable prior to now? Have you spend much time thinking about how it impacts your life?
2. In what ways do you see the wisdom of letting the two co-exist and separating them at the judgment? Is that the course of action that you would have chosen? Why or why not?

II. For THOSE who have EARS…
A. The WORLD belongs to GOD. (v.24,38)
B. The REALITY of GOOD and EVIL. (v.27-28)
C. Often it’s DIFFICULT to tell the DIFFERENCE. (v.26) D. UPROOTING evil can DAMAGE good. (v.29)

Jesus ended many of his parables by saying, “He who has ears, let him hear…” Obviously He meant, take the time to listen to this…not just let it pass in one ear and out the other. There are several lessons that we can learn from this passage. Some easily seen, others more surprising.

3. Was there any thing in this section that surprised you – as far as meaning derived from this particular parable? If so, what was it and why did it surprise you?
4. Try to retell the same story in a modern, non-farming context. Make it up as a group. What do you learn from this exercise?
5. How do you know if someone is a son or daughter “of the Kingdom”? What scriptures support your thoughts?
6. In what ways can the uprooting of evil actually do damage to the “wheat”? Can you think of modern day examples?

III. Letting the TRUTH take ROOT…
A. REMEMBER whose FIELD you are in. (v.24; Ps. 89:11)
B. Allow TIME to clarify TRUTH. (v.30,39; Mt. 7:20)
C. Live as WHEAT in a WEEDY world. (v.30,28; I Pet. 2:11-12)

We are to let the truth take root in our lives today. That’s really what we are trying to do, isn’t it? To listen to these parables and let them challenge our thinking, undermining the thought processes of the world and renewing our minds (Rom. 12:2). Let me leave you with three ideas to chew on for the week…

7. In what ways do you find it difficult to reconcile the fact that the world belongs to God and yet He allows evil to continue to exist?
8. What do you think it is that makes it so difficult to give people time? Why do we feel the need to “pigeon-hole” everything and everyone?
9. What are a few specific ways that you can live as wheat in a weedy world this week?