Lent 2018: The Words of Amos – Part 6

The Words of Amos – Part 6 Joyful Sadness Luke 19:28-44 March 25th, 2018

I. The REASON for JOY. (v.28-40)
A. The King COMES with POWER. (v.28-37)
B. A MOVEMENT of the PEOPLE. (v.36-39)
C. More than MEETS the EYE. (v.40)

It’s Palm Sunday. A day when we remember Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, riding on a donkey. The people are shouting, the crowds are excited. We too, after a long season of Lent, are excited to see something new and fresh. The dark days are over, and the King is coming.

1. When have you experienced a feeling of “liberation” from something, whether it was guilt or an actual literal situation that you felt “imprisoned” you? How does that help you understand the mood of the crowd as Jesus rides by.
2. Jesus says if they hold back the stones will cry out. When has something in nature “spoken” to you about who God is?

II. The DEPTH of SADNESS. (v.41-44)
A. The TERMS of PEACE. (v.42; Lk. 14:31-32, 13:34)
B. The PRICE of REJECTION. (v.43.44)
C. FAILURE to RECOGNIZE God. (v.44b; Luke 1:68, 7:16)

Everything seems to be exciting until we get to verse 41. When Jesus sees Jerusalem He weeps. There is this strange scene of the people shouting Hosanna, welcoming their king to the city. In the middle of all this Jesus weeps. It seems such a strange juxtaposition, tears and joyful shouting. The truth is that it gives powerful insight into the life of those who follow Jesus.

3. We often want to avoid or deny sadness as a part of the Christian life. What role has sadness played in your life?
4. What were the people expecting of Jesus? What are some of your expectations for your experience of following Him? What “should” it be like?
5. When have you failed to recognize what God was doing until later? Why did you miss it in the moment?

III. Will you KNOW Him when you SEE Him?
A. The KING who comes DIFFERENTLY. (v.35, 39-40; Zech. 9:9)
B. Joy WITH and BEYOND sorrow. (v. 40-41; Heb. 12:2)
C. Offering His TERMS of PEACE. (v.42; 2 Cor 5:19-21)

Jesus weeps because He has come to bring peace, but they refuse to accept what He is offering. They want power and strength, and don’t see that the way He comes is powerful and strong in a different way, a much deeper and more profound way. He’s coming, and yet they are missing it. How can we make sure that we don’t miss Jesus when He comes to us?

6. How has following Jesus been different than you expected or surprised you?
7. Have you experienced the joyful sadness? What is that like?
8. How can your life be an instrument of peace to the world in the name of Jesus?