Lent 2016: Trusting God In a World That Doesn’t – Part 3

Nebuchadnezzar’s Journal Daniel 4:1-37 February 28th, 2016


I. The KING is a slow LEARNER. (Dan. 2-4)
A. If you BUILD it they will BOW (3:1-23)
B. Yahweh as ONE of MANY. (2:47; 3:28)

This weeks text picks up over 30 years later than last weeks. Nebuchadnezzar has
done somethings that seem hard to understand, given the experiences God has led him
through. But in our text today he has another dream. Its scary, and Daniel is the one
who can tell him what it means. But who knows if the King will actually take the truth to

1. When have you been a slow learner in your spiritual life? How did God respond to
your slowness?
2. We dont build statues to worship today, but what are the idols that we hold on to in
our own lives?
3. What do you see as the connection between chapter 3 and chapter 4 of Daniel?

II. Nebuchadnezzars JOURNAL of DREAMS. (4:1-37)
A. No one ELSE like DANIEL. (v.4-18)
B. SHARING a painful TRUTH. (v.19-27)
C. HOPE will come through HUMILITY. (v.26-27)
D. The PROCESS of heart TRANSFORMATION. (v.28-37)

Chapter 4 is different from the rest of Daniel in that it is written from Nebuchadnezzars
point of view. Its as if Daniel has lifted a page out of the Kings diary and published it
for everyone to see. Its full of images and experiences, which seems to be pretty
normal for Nebuchadnezzar. God has a plan for this manand he will not escape it.

4. What do you think life was like for Daniel in Babylon? What kinds of struggles might
he have faced on a regular basis?
5. How does Daniel feel about Nebuchadnezzar? (v.19-20) What does this teach you
about how we are to interact with the world around us?
6. Daniel warns the King to change his ways. (v.27) Would changing his actions have
been enough to avoid what happened to him? Why or why not?
7. When has God used a painful or difficult situation to humble you and show you what
was actually in your heart?

III. Daniels LESSONS for LENT.
A. Those who love PEOPLE dont love JUDGMENT. (v.19-20; 2 Pet. 3:9)
B. Not every DIFFICULTY is from personal SIN. (1:3,4; 2:13; 3:19-21; I Pet.
C. But EVERY difficulty is an INVITATION. (4:26-27; Jas. 1:2-4)
D. From one of MANY to one and ONLY. (v.34,35; Phil. 2:9-11; I Pet. 3:15)

This is a very fitting passage for Lent, because the issue that Nebuchadnezzar has to
deal with is one of the heart. The Kings words seem devoted at different times
throughout the first three chapters of Daniel, but his heart comes into full view late in
chapter 4. And the heart is the one thing that God is committed to changing.

8. What is the difference between loving justice and loving judgment? How can we tell
which is true of us?
9. When have you or others thought your difficulty was because of sin? How did that
play out? What did you learn from that?
10.What do I sense that God is inviting me to through my current situation?