Job: A Poem About Pain – Part 2

Job: A Poem About Pain Part 2 Job 38-42 August 21, 2016


A Quick Recap
God allows Satan to Harm Job (Job 1:9-12, 2:4-6, Luke 22:31-34)
Job questions Gods Justice (Job 9:22-23, 27:2)
Jobs Friends question his Innocence (Job 4:7-9, 22:4-11)

1. As you read through Job this week, did you see anything you hadnt noticed or heard before?

God Shows Up
Exposes Jobs Deeper False Assumption (Job 38 esp. v. 21)
Reveals the Complexity of Creation (Job 39, 40:8-14)
Invites Job to Trust His Wisdom (Job 40:15-41:34)

2. What assumptions have you made about God or the universe? Do you truly have the perspective to make those assumptions?
3. What parts of Gods creation dont make sense to you?
4. We naturally gravitate towards ideas like the Retribution principle (good things happen to good people, etc.). Why do we struggle with concepts like Gods Wisdom?

God Settles the Argument
The Friends were Wrong (Job 42:7-8)
Job was Right (Job 42:7-9)
And then… the Right are Blessed and the Wrong are Punished…(Job 42:10-17, 7-8)

5. As you read through Job this past week, how many of the friends statements were things that you could hear yourself saying?
6. How do you feel reading Gods rebuke of the friends and His defence of Job?
7. How does the ending of Job make you feel?

Jobs Response, Our Response
Understand His/Our Place in Creation (Job 42:1-6)
Embrace His/Our Role (Job 42:9-10)
Trust Gods Wild and Free Creation (Job 42:6, 14-17)

8. What is your role in Gods wild and free creation? Where and how can you be a part of his unfolding wisdom?