I Am – Part 5

The Cure for a Troubled Heart John 13:31-14:11 January 31st, 2016


I. HEARING what the DISCIPLES heard. (13:31-38)
A. I am LEAVINGyou cannot COME. (13:33)
B. You will HAVE to WAIT. (13:36)
C. You will FAIL despite your best INTENTIONS. (13:37-38)

Do not let your hearts be troubled. Easy for you to say Jesus. Life seems to be very skilled in troubling our heartsand we seem often to weak to fight it. Based on what He has just said to the disciples, these words seemed a bit impossible. But Jesus has always loved helping people do the impossible.

1. When have you felt left behind by God?
2. What has been the hardest area of your life to surrender to God?
3. What does it mean to you that immediately after telling Peter that he will deny Jesus he tells them all, Do not let your hearts be troubled?

II. Dont LIVE with a TROUBLED heart. (14:1-4)
A. That GREEK word PISTEUO. (14:1,10-11)
B. Trusting that He ACTS with INTENTION. (14:2-3)
C. He TAKES us to HIMSELF. (14:4)

The key to our life is handing over the keys to our life. Jesus says that we need to entrust ourselves to Him. Thats a scary call, but the reality is that we need what He has. We can never carry ourselves. But He is willing to take us to Himself.

4. How can you know if you believe Jesus to the level described by the Greek word pisteuo?
5. What areas of life do you find it hard to trust Jesus? What are you afraid might happen in those areas? What kind of life does this slowness to trust give you?
6. What does it mean that Jesus takes us to Himself.
7. If you had a day to spend with just Jesus, what would you do? What would you talk about?

III. When we WONDER about the WAY? (14:5-11)
A. The WAY – TO and OF. (14:6; Lk. 6:39-40)
B. The Truth – A RELATIONSHIP with TRUTH. (14:6,7; Jn. 8:31-32)
C. The Life – His LIFE in US. (14:6,9-11) D. The CALL to PISTEUO. (14:1; Jn. 20:31)

I think most of us can identify with Thomas. Life gets so confusing sometimes that we wonder if Jesus really gets how lost we fell. How can we know the way? How can we handle this situation? Sometimes we wonder if we will ever get it right. And Jesus calls us to believeto rest in who He isthe Way, the Truth, and the Life.

8. What is the difference between Jesus being the way to and the way of?
9. As you reflect on your life does your approach to truth seem more like seeking a possession or seeking a relationship.
10.What does it mean that Christ lives in us? That we live in Him? How does that impact your life day to day?