I Am – Part 4

Why Jesus Can Be Trusted John 11:1-44 January 24th, 2016


I. The OVERARCHING STORY. (Jn 11:1-44)
A. Jesus HEARStoo LATE. (v.1-5)
B. Jesus WAITS with a PURPOSE. (v.4-7)
C. Jesus GOES with a MESSAGE. (v.7-37)
D. Jesus ACTS with POWER. (v.38-44)

This is the story of the resurrection, but so much happens around it that if we arent careful we miss all the things Jesus is doing by only seeing the big thing that He does. It starts with Lazarus already dead and Jesus a days journey away. But Jesus is not concerned. He realizes that time and circumstance do not call the shots.

1. There are three basic scenes in the story: with the disciples, with the sisters, and by the tomb. What stands out to you from each scene and why?
2. When have you felt like you have sent for help to Jesus and He took His own sweet time in coming? How do you feel about that situation in retrospect?
3. What difference does it make that resurrection is a person and not just an event? (v. 23-25)

A. He is not AFRAID of DEATH. (v.4,8,11-16)
B. He points Martha from a CONCEPT to HIMSELF. (v.23-26)
C. He ENGAGES people EMOTIONALLY. (v.5, 33-38)
D. He REVEALS the GLORY of God. (v.40-44)

Lets look a little closer at exactly what Jesus did in this chapter. He is very intentional and always acts with a purpose in mind. Thats why He waited, even though He knew that Lazarus was dead. Thats why He chose the words He did when He spoke to Martha. Thats why He weptbecause He actually loved these people, needy and weak as they were.

4. What are your thoughts about death? About yours? About those close to you?
5. How can we discern if our relationship with Jesus is a relationship with a person or just an assent to an idea, doctrine, or concept?
6. What role does emotion play in your life? Do you need more or less of it? Does it drive the bus or is it a passenger?
7. What reveals the glory of God to you in your day to day life? Where have you seen or experienced glory lately?

A. our LIVES are not LIMITED by timing. (v.4,21; Prov. 16:9; Acts 17:26-28)
B. we are not CONTROLLED by CIRCUMSTANCE. (v.14-15; Rom 8:28)
C. then we have NOTHING to FEAR. (v.8-10,39; Is 41:10)
D. we are FREE to LOVE all as He does. (v.36; Lk. 23:34)

If the resurrection is a personand it isthen that changes everything. The one thing that we fear becomes a non-issue. That means there is no problem too big, no mistake to unforgivable, no situation too hopeless, for God to break in and resurrect hope and healing and forgiveness. It takes the pressure off in our livesbecause we are not alone. And the one with us is the greatest of all.

8. Where is the issue of timing or life circumstances putting pressure on you right now? How does Jesus being the resurrection and the life refocus those issues for you?
9. What are you afraid of? How can you begin to let Jesus carry that fear? What are some practical steps you can take to obey Him when He says, Do not fear.?
10.Who is God pointing you to love this week? What stands in the way of that and how can you surrender it?