Gospel of Matthew – Part 1

Gospel of Matthew – Part 1

Matthew: The Story of the King ~ Part 1 The Other Side of Christmas Matthew 2: 1-23 December 30, 2018

I. The COMING of the MAGI.
A. Who WERE these PEOPLE? (Dan. 2:48)
B. WHY have they COME? (v.2)

We all know the story about the “Wise Men” who came to worship Jesus and offer their gifts. But who were these people and why did they make their long journey? That’s an important question if you are going to understand the chaos that their coming unleashed.

1. Kid’s Question: If you could have brought the baby Jesus a gift that night what would you have chosen to bring?
2. How do you handle it when new people come into your life that challenge the usual ways that things happen? Do you welcome the changes or resist? Why?

A. Challenge to the STATUS QUO. (v.2-3)
B. LIES and DECEPTION. (v.7-8)

Verse 3 carries a lot of impact. The coming of the Magi “disturbed” Herod and that had trickle down effect to “disturb” the whole city of Jerusalem. Herod was known to be paranoid and he was willing to use his power to eliminate any threat to his rule. The people knew this could get ugly.

3. On a scale of 1-10 how open are you to change? When has change been really difficult for you?
4. Have you ever been tempted to lie or manipulate the circumstances just to “keep things simpler”? What did you do?

III. INNOCENCE can be DANGEROUS. (v.13-18)
A. JESUS on the RUN. (v.13-14)
B. The mix of LIES and POWER.(v.16-18)
C. Yet GOD will not be STOPPED. (v.13-15; 19-23)

We all think that if we just keep our noses clean, if we do the right thing, then everything will be okay. Well…that’s not always the case. Sometimes doing the right thing can be intimidating to those who are in power. Innocence can be dangerous.

5. Our assumptions are that if we just do the right things life will be easier. When have you found that assumption to be challenged in your own life?
6. When have you seen people in power use deception to maintain control? Have you ever done that?

IV. The other SIDE of JESUS. (v.3; Mt. 10:34)
A. The CHALLENGE of the “OTHER”. (Mt. 11:16-19)
B. The LOSING of our “POWER”. (Rom. 12:1; Mt. 16:24-25)
C. The INCONVENIENCE of the TRUTH. (Heb 4:12-13)
D. TRUSTING in the POWER of God. (Is. 30:15; Mt. 11:29))

There is an other side to Jesus. The baby in the manger challenges all our assumptions and the ways we normally demonstrate our own power in life. He confronts us with His authority and leadership and calls followers not advisors. But the place he leads us to is one of rest and peace, if we can let go of our own control.

7. When has Jesus challenged your “power”over your own life? How did you respond?
8. What situation in your life is currently challenging you to rest in the power of God? How will you respond?