Gospel Freedom – Part 5

Gospel Freedom – Part 5

Gospel Freedom – Part 5 Children of Promise Galatians 4:1-31 August 6th, 2017


I. From SLAVERY to FREEDOM (Gal. 4:1-11)
A. ENSLAVED by the LAW (4:1-3)
C. Choosing SLAVERY over SONSHIP! (4:8-11)

II. A TALE of Two WOMEN 4:21-31, Genesis 16)
A. To be taken FIGURATIVELY… 4:24)
B. The LAW, through the FLESH, bears SLAVES (4:24-25)
C. The PROMISE, through the SPIRIT, bears HEIRS (4:26-31)

III. Until CHRIST is FORMED in you (4:19)
A. Being KNOWN, not KNOWING, leads to HUMILITY (4:9)
B. GRACE, not the LAW, leads to SERVICE (4:12-16)
C. The SPIRIT, not FEAR, leads to FREEDOM (4:6-7, Romans 8:14-17)

Questions for further reflection

1. Does this idea of being enslaved by the law make you uneasy? Why do you think Paul uses such strong language? What is his point?
2. In what ways do you choose Egypt over manna, slavery over sonship in your own life?
3. Are you familiar with the story of Sarah and Hagar? How do you feel about the connections Paul made in the text?
4. Are there passages of the Bible that have made sense to you in a different way after living through an experience?
5. What legalism or moralism in your own life keeps you in bondage?
6. What are some practical ways you can remind yourself of the promise you have received through the Spirit?
7. Do you find it difficult to be known? What practices can you adopt to make yourself more open before God?
8. How have you experienced the friction between living under Grace and living under theLaw?
9. What fears keep you from experiencing true freedom?