Genesis: Under The Radar – Part 4

Genesis: Under The Radar – Part 4

Genesis: Under The Radar – Part 4 A Tale of Two Lamechs Genesis 4:10-26 October 1st, 2017


I. The LONG way DOWN. (v.8-16)
A. The SIN of CAIN. (v.8-10)
B. The CURSE EXPANDS. (v.11-15)
C. The PROTECTION of GOD. (v.15-16)

Genesis 4 starts to play out for us what happens when we reject the plan of God. As we saw last week, evil just multiplies. Jealousy turns Cain against his own brother, even to the point of killing him with little or no remorse, until he is caught. Even in this we see the grace of God to Cain, but it’s all heading downhill from here.

1. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” How responsible are we for the lives of others around us? What is our human duty to each other?
2. In what ways do you see the expansion of the curse in the world that you live in day by day? What has God called you to do in those situations?
3. What does Gen. 4:15 say about the nature of God, what He is like?

II. Lamech – SEVEN generations LATER.(v.17-24)
A. DEPARTING from created ORDER. (v.19)
B. DEVELOPMENT of CULTURE isn’t the GOAL. (v.20-22)
C. Lamech’s SONG of VENGEANCE. (v.23-24)
1. It’s about POWER, not JUSTICE. (v.23)
2. It’s about SELF-PROTECTION. (v.24)
3. It’s about SELF-EXALTATION. (v.23-24)

We move on to see the family tree of Cain, developing culture and building cities, but in their hearts moving farther and farther away from what God had intended for humanity. Lamech personifies this attitude that we first saw in seed from in Cain, the one that says to God… “I’ll take care of this on my own.” Lamech becomes the poster boy for the new way to live.

4. What does Lamech’s taking of two wives say to you about his character?
5. Often we think that the development of culture (music and the arts, economic growth, etc.) means that we are on the right track? How can we tell if those things are good or only masking a deeper problem?
6. What stands out to you about Lamech’s song?
7. Which of the three things Jeff highlighted from the song is the biggest temptation for you particularly? How can you surrender that back to Jesus in a practical tangible way?

III. But there’s another SON, and another LAMECH. (v.25-26; 5:25-31)
A. HOPE for the UNDOING. (v.26; Joel 2:28-32)
B. A BLOOD that speaks a better WORD. (v.10; Heb. 12:22-24)
C. A DIFFERENT way of LIFE. (v.24; Mt. 18:21-22)
D. The way of CAIN or the way of JESUS. (Mt. 16:24-26)

But there is another son, the first of a long line or “the seed of the woman” who will set in place the coming of a different way of life. One of walking humbly with God, most clearly seen in Jesus. He comes to free us to let Christ carry all the vengeance needed for a broken world so that we can follow in humble trust.

8. What does it mean for you to “Call on the name of the Lord?”
9. Where and in what specific ways has God called you to live out the hope of a different way of life in the world today?
10.How do you see Jesus calling you to live counter-culturally today? How will you respond?