Gospel – Luke: An Orderly Account – Part 8

Luke: An Orderly Account People find what they look for… Luke 5:17-6:16 January 21, 2018

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I. Constant CONFLICTS with PHARISEES. (5:17-6:16)
A. You don’t FIT our THINKING. (5:17-26)
B. You ACCEPT the UNCLEAN. (5:27-32)
C. You LEAD people away from TRADITION. (5:33-39)
D. You BREAK the LAW. (6:1-11)

Luke 5 and 6 go through a series of interactions that Jesus has with people as the Pharisees and teachers of the law watch nearby. Jesus keeps doing things that make them angry. And it doesn’t seem to bother Him. Just like the people of Nazareth last week, Jesus doesn’t bend to the agenda of others. He has His own ideas.

1. When have the stories of Jesus (or of the OT) challenged your thinking and maybe even have made you feel uncomfortable?
2. What would be an equivalent to Jesus going to the party at Levi’s (Matthew’s) house in todays culture? How comfortable would you be there?

II. Jesus’ OPENNESS to the NEEDY. (5:17-6:16)
A. HEALED and FORGIVEN. (5:17-26; 4:18-19)
B. WELCOMED and ACCEPTED. (5:27-32; Mt. 11:28-30)
C. A PRESENCE to REJOICE in. (5:33-39; Mk. 3:14)
D. A law for PEOPLE and their GOOD. (6:1-11; Mk. 2:27)

Just a shift in perspective changes everything. When you read chapter 5 and 6 from the perspectives of those that Jesus was healing and forgiving and eating with, you can see a whole new side of things. It’s important to recognize that there are always two sides to every story.

3. How does realizing your own need change the way you approach Jesus? The way you pray?
4. Do you feel welcomed and accepted fully by God? Why or why not? How can you pass that welcome and acceptance on to others?
5. Jesus practice of the sabbath really challenges the Pharisees. How does what He says about the Sabbath shape the way we need to see the law of God?

III. It’s all in YOUR APPROACH to Jesus. (Jer 29:13; I Peter 2:4,5,7)
A. People FIND what they LOOK for. (5:26; 6:11; Acts 8:30-31)
B. There’s only ROOM for one at the CENTRE. (Col. 1:15-17)
C. SEEING the KINGDOM. (Lk. 18:17; Jn 18:36; I Jn 2:27; Jn 16:13)

These stories in chapters 5 and 6 push us to ask ourselves, “How are we approaching Jesus?” What is our “confirmation bias”? Are we willing to let Him challenge what we think and what we believe to be true. Usually the needier we are the more open we are to what He wants to do. When we think we have things figured out, we don’t like Him to mess with our categories.

6. “People find what they look for.” Do you agree or disagree? Support your thinking with an example?
7. What are you looking for when it comes to your approach to faith? How might that actually be blinding you (or opening you up) to what Jesus wants to do in your life?
8. How can you know if you are seeing things from the perspective of the Kingdom of God?