Gospel – Luke: An Orderly Account – Part 10

Luke: An Orderly Account From “Who” to “You” Luke 13:18-30 February 4, 2018

I. Two METAPHORS for the KINGDOM. (v.18-21)
A. A SMALL seed grows BIG. (v.18-19)
B. YEAST that PERMEATES the whole. (v.20-21)

As the gospel of Luke continues, Jesus begins to teach about the Kingdom of God. As is so often the case, we move into thinking about concepts; asking theological questions. This is not the direction Jesus is taking us. He’s way more into helping us see what He is offering personally to each one of us, not just answering our intellectual questions.

1. How would you describe your approach to Christianity? Is it more knowledge and concept based, or do you feel it is more relational? Why?
2. How have you seen the Kingdom act like a mustard seed or yeast in your own life?

II. The RESPONSE of JESUS. (v.24-30)
A. A THIRD metaphor – a FEAST. (v.24-25,29)
B. The question isn’t WHO but YOU. (v.24)
C. It’s not KNOWLEDGE, INTERACTION, or TRIBE. (v.23,26, 29-30)
D. It’s RESPONSE to an INVITATION…now. (v.24-25; 2 Cor. 6:1-2)

“Lord, are only a few going to get saved?” Why is the kingdom shown as small things like mustard seeds and yeast? Are only a few people getting in? This is what we like… answer our questions…give us knowledge so that we can know the answers. Jesus answers the question, but not in a way that many of the listeners would appreciate.

3. Jesus constantly uses the metaphor of a feast (a wedding feast) for the Kingdom of God. Do you think people unfamiliar with the Bible would find that surprising? If so, what does that say about the way Christians are communicating the nature of the Kingdom to the world around us?
4. Do you tend to look at religious truth is terms of “who” or in terms of “you”?
5. Is it a new idea for you to think of the narrow door as an invitation rather than a criteria for who gets in? How might that change the way you live?

III. Moving from WHO to YOU… (v. 24; Lk 5:27-28)
A. From DEFLECTION to REFLECTION. (v.23; Jn. Jn 21:22)
B. It’s a DOOR of INVITATION… (v.24-25,29; Matt. 11:28-30)
C. …not MORAL SUPERIORITY. (v.28-30; Mt. 7:13-14; Jn. 10:9)
D. What is your RESPONSE to the OPEN DOOR? (v.24,25; Lk 14:15-24)

It’s a challenge for all of us. Thinking about God and gaining knowledge instead of actually living in a relationship of surrender to Him, day by day. That’s the point, not that the Kingdom is some tricky thing to work your way into, but that the door is open, if you are only willing to come. But so often we’d rather talk about the door, or who is in and who is out, than to actually walk in and surrender. We have to move from who to you.

6. Think of who frustrates you, or who you like to criticize. Is it possible that something about them is causing you to deflect truth instead of reflect on the implications in your own life?
7. “The Narrow Door is not about moral superiority.” What is your response to that statement?
8. Look at your current circumstances. What is God inviting you to in this?