Gospel – Luke: An Orderly Account – Part 11

Luke: An Orderly Account The Joy of Lost Things Luke 15:1-32 February 11, 2018

I. Three STORIES about what has been LOST. (v.1-32)
A. A Lost SHEEP means RISK. (v.3-7)
B. A Lost COIN reveals DESIRE. (v.8-10)
C. A Lost SON elevates RELATIONSHIP. (v.11-32)

Luke 15 is the “Lost” chapter of his gospel, not in the sense that it is missing, but that it celebrates God and His passion for things that are lost. Last week we saw that God is a God of invitation, and we were challenged to be open to that in our own lives. This week that is reiterated in how God pursues and embraces people who have run away from Him, regardless of the reason they have run.

1. These are three familiar stories. Did you notice anything different as you read them this time?
2. Do you identify as someone who is lost or found? Do you sometimes feel differently? If so, why do you think that is?

II. Two THREADS that hold them TOGETHER. (v.1-2,7,10,32)
A. LOSING what it means to be FOUND. (v.1-2)
B. The JOY of RESTORATION. (v.7,10,32)

These stories are linked…obviously by their content centered on lost things. But something else ties them together, something we find in the audience for the stories. Those who are sinners found their homecoming celebrated. Those who thought they had it all together, well, the jury is still out on their response.

3. Should we use the terms lost and found for people or does that make us more likely to be arrogant in our “foundness”?
4. When have you thought that people were taking advantage of grace? What is your responsibility (if any) when that happens?
5. Think about people that have hurt you or are your “least favorite people”. Can you find joy in Jesus’ forgiving them?

III. LEARNING from LOST things…
A. VALUE is not BASED on found or lost. (v.4,8,24; Gen. 1:27; I Tim. 1:15-16)
B. Jesus has to be our FOCAL POINT. (v.1-2; Heb. 12:2)
C. HESITANCY towards JOY is a bad sign. (v.28-32; Mt. 20:15; Mt. 25:23)

What can we take away from these three stories…not tidbits or trivial, but large truth that we can build a life on. Just like Jake mentioned a couple of weeks ago, stories have a way of sneaking past our defenses…

6. What can you do practically to begin to value ALL people the way that Jesus values them?
7. What can you do practically to make Jesus your focal point in your day to day life?
8. Are there areas where you are hesitant towards joy? Why?