Genesis: Under The Radar – Part 10

Genesis: Under The Radar – Part 10

Genesis: Under The Radar – Part 10 The Trouble with Twins Genesis 25:19-34 November 12th, 2017

A. “SMASHING” within the WOMB. (v.22; Dt. 28:33; Jdg. 9:53; Ps 74:14)
C. GRASPING the HEEL. (v.24-26)
D. EVEN mom and dad are DIVIDED. (v.27-28)

From Abraham to Isaac to the twins, Jacob and Esau, God is still working through messed up humanity. This is evident when we look at the life of Esau, and extends even to the life of Jacob his brother. We’ve moved from dysfunction junction down to conflict corner, but this doesn’t stop God from doing what He wants to do.

1. How has our exploration of the dysfunctions of the patriarchs of the Jewish nation surprised you? Encouraged you?
2. How do you respond to conflict? How does that (both the conflict and your response to it) impact your own life? Your spiritual life?
3. Why are there divisions in the church? Both in the worldwide church and the local church?

II. The LENTIL stew SHOWDOWN. (v.29-34)
A. Esau’s INSTANT GRATIFICATION. (v.30,32,34)
C. GRASPING for what is already PROMISED. (v.23; Gen 3:4-5; Gal. 3:1-5)

This is one of the more well known stories about Esau, his stomach pushing him to throw away his future for a bowl of red lentil stew. He has to have it “now” or he will die. No drama there, eh? Jacob isn’t any better, they are both just grasping at what they want in the moment.

4. What has God promised you? What are some of the things we know as believers?
5. How patient are you when it comes to waiting for what has been promised?
6. Do you tend to be more like Esau (I want it now) or like Jacob (I can make this happen)? What might God be saying to you through that?

III. CHOOSING a better WAY. (I Peter 2:21)
A. Patience: SPIRITUAL work happens SLOWLY. (v.23, 30,32; Jn 6:15)
B. Surrender: TRUST not MANIPULATION. (v.23.31; Jn 18:33-38)
C. Willingness: God WORKS His WAY, not YOURS. (v.23; Mt. 27:39-44, 54)

I think it was Mark Twain who said that “Everyone serves a purpose, even if it’s only to show us a bad example.” As we look at Esau (and Jacob), that’s exactly what we get. But as we reflect on what they did poorly, and also look at Jesus, we can see a better way forward.

7. What is one thing that has been happening too slowly for you in your spiritual life? Why might God be taking so long in doing this one thing?
8. Where is God calling you to surrender and trust instead of trying to manipulate a way to get what you want? Why do you hesitate to trust and surrender?
9. How has God worked in unexpected ways in your life in the past? What did (or what can) you learn from that experience?
10.What might have happened differently long term with Jacob and Esau had they been willing to trust God’s care and provision for them?