Foundations: Journey through the Wilderness – Part 3

Foundations: Journey through the Wilderness – Part 3

Foundations – Exodus The Long Answer to a Short Question Exodus 7:14-10:29 September 30, 2018

I. The WRONG time to live in EGYPT. (7:14-10:29)
A. Pharaoh’s QUESTION: Who is YAHWEH? (5:2)
B. YAHWEH responds REPEATEDLY. (7:17; 8:10, 18-19, 22; 9:13-16)

After 400 years as slaves the Jewish people had lost much of their understanding of who Yahweh actually was. The book of Exodus helps to answer that question for both the Jewish people and their Egyptian oppressors. Pharaoh is a slow learner.

1. Kid’s Question: Of the first 9 plagues we covered today which do you think was the worst and why?
2. What are some of the questions this text raises in your mind?

II. Pharaoh: GRASPING to be GOD. (Lk 18:14)
A. He STRUGGLES for CONTROL. (Ex. 5; 7:23; 8:25,28; 9:17; 10:8,24)
B. The STRUGGLE brings SUFFERING. (8:19; 9:20; 10:7)

Pharaoh is a lot like we are, albeit in a more visible position. We wrestle with God for control of our own lives. The struggle in our lives can bring some pain and suffering. When Pharaoh struggles it makes life hard for everyone.

3. When have you struggled with God about some issue in your own life?
4. How has suffering impacted you in the past?

III. The SUFFERING of the EGYPTIANS. (7:14-10:29)
A. God allows SUFFERING to SHAPE us. (Ex. 12:38)
B. It EXPOSES our IDOLS. (7:14-10:29; Ex. 12:12; Ps 66:10-12)
C. Judgement HARDENS some and SOFTENS others. (8:19; 9:20; 10:7)

The events in these chapters read in today’s context prompt a lot of questions. Why would God cause so much suffering for so many people. It’s a good question, and one that is difficult to answer. But suffering isn’t always bad for us, and often aids in our own

5. Suffering exposes our idols. Agree or disagree and why?
6. Have you seen how judgment or suffering (not necessarily the same thing) hardens some and softens others?

IV. WHO is YAHWEH? (Ex 5:2)
A. The One who REVEALS HIMSELF. (Ex 6:7; 10:2; 14:4; 14:18; 29:46; Jn 1:14)
B. The One who RESCUES and REDEEMS. (Ps 34:7; Rom 7:24-25; Titus 2:13-14)
C. The One who WILL not FAIL. (Is. 9:6-7; I Thes. 5:23-24)

If the text is answering the question, “Who is Yahweh?” then what is it saying? Who is this God who calls his people out of slavery and on a journey to the Promised Land? What does that mean to us today?

7. What are some of the things that you know about God – describe who He is and how He is.
8. What does it mean to you that God is a rescuer and a redeemer?