Forming A People – Part 4

Exodus 14:1-31

Forming A People – Part 4

A People Learning to Trust – Part 1

I. Ummm….not TOTALLY free YET. (v.1-20)
A. Pharaoh REALIZES what he has LOST. (v.5)
B. The RESPONSE of the PEOPLE. (v.10-12)
C. The WORD from MOSES. (v.13-14)
D. God SPEAKS and God ACTS. (v.15-20)

Last week we saw the Jews gain freedom from slavery in Egypt…or did we? Today’s text show Pharaoh didn’t give up so easily. And let’s just say that the newly freed slaves were not too excited to see Pharaoh and his army bearing down on them. Sometimes free is realized over time.

1. Kid’s Question: When have you felt trapped or scared? What happened?
2. Do you identify with the fear of the people? When have you felt God has led you into something that you didn’t sign up for?

II. Then COMES the final SHOWDOWN. (v.21-31)
A. Moses DOES what God SAYS. (v.21,27)
B. God EMPOWERS the people to OBEY. (v.15-16, 21-22)
C. Everyone REALIZES who is FIGHTING. (v.25)
D. The FIRST of many SURRENDERS. (v.31)

The crisis always comes to a head. Something has to happen. What is amazing to see is that God does 99% of the action. Moses raises his staff twice, and the people walk forward, but it is God who does ALL the heavy lifting. The same is true in our own lives today if we will only slow down long enough to see it.

3. What stands out to you personally from this story? What might God be saying to you at this moment?
4. What is your response to the idea that God empowers our obedience? Have you found that to be true in your own life?
5. The people believed in v.31. But they continually doubt in almost all of the following chapters. What does that paradox (and God’s response to it) say to you about your own life?

III. Being FORMED into a people who TRUST. (Prov. 3:5-6)
A. Our IMMEDIATE response REVEALS our hearts. (v.10-12; Lk 6:45)
B. Do not FEAR – Be STILL and WATCH. (v.12-13; Ps. 46:10)
C. REALIZE who carries the RESPONSIBILITY. (v.12-13, 25; Acts 17:24-27)
D. God’s ultimate PURPOSE is to be KNOWN. (v.4,18,31; Jn 17:3; Hab. 2:14)
E. CULTIVATE a continual WILLINGNESS to surrender. (v.31; Rom. 12:1)

The constant theme in this series is that God is using all these things to shape His people. The crisis in the text today is a lesson in becoming a people willing to trust that God will lead them and protect them. There are several truths from this other side of the Red Sea that are very relevant to life right where we are today.

6. Think of a time when your immediate response has revealed your heart. Is it hard to be honest with yourself about what you see there? How does God see you in that moment?
7. Who is primarily responsible for your relationship with God? Who carries the bulk of the “weight” weight of that? How does that truth shape your life?
8. Where might God be calling you to surrender at this moment? What does surrender look like in that situation? How will you respond?