Esther: Where is God? Part 3

Esther 5-7

Esther: Where is God? Part 3

Haman’s Highs and Lows
Esther 5-7

I. It’s ESTHER’S big MOMENT. (4:14, 5:1-8)
A. The COURAGE to ACT. (5:1-2)
B. One STEP at at TIME. (5:3-8)

We left Esther last week in a serious crisis, planning to go into the King which meant risking her life. “If I perish, I perish.” This week we pick it up 3 days later, she’s waiting outside the King’s chamber to see what will happen as she enters. This is her moment of truth. Life will never be the same after this.

1. Kid’s question: When were you scared to do something that you knew was the right thing to do?
2. Why do you think Esther delayed her request? When have to delayed something out of fear or concern?

II. Haman’s ROLLER COASTER ride. (5:9-7:10)
C. Haman’s PLAN and GOD’S plan. (5:14-6:14)
D. From BAD to WORSE. (6:14-7:10)

Chapters 5-7 of Esther have to be one of the best plot twists in the history of stories. Haman has his definite ups and downs, and ends with an up (75 feet up) that is a down. It’s a constant turning on its head the expectation of what could happen. While our lives aren’t confronting situations like this, we can still see that God is teaching us something here.

3. What has been a high point in your life and why? What has been a low point and why?
4. How have the events of question #3 shaped who you are today?
5. When has God acted in a way that completely surprised you, either positively of negatively? What was that like?

III. HOW to define WHO we are.
A. Haman’s BASIS of IDENTITY. (5:11)
    1. SAFETY and SECURITY. (Lk. 12:15)
    2. AFFECTION and ESTEEM. (Jn 12:42-43)
    3. POWER and CONTROL. (Mt. 6:27; Ps 139:23,24)
B. Recognizing EMOTIONS as INDICATORS. (5:9,13)
C. RESTING in something SOLID. (Col. 2:9-10)

Once again, how do we apply this story to our own life. My approach is to let Haman serve as an example of how NOT to do things. He’s pretty good at that. And the gospel gives us resources for living differently that he did not have. It’s an identity issue, and that’s one of the biggest questions that we all have to answer – Who are we?

6. Which of the three foundational ideas in regards to identity do you find that you tend toward? Why do you think that is?
7. Think of a time when you felt strong emotion recently? Was God showing you something through that? If so, what might that be?
8. What does it mean, in your own words, that “you have been given fullness in Christ” (Col. 2:10)?